Block Drain

Harmful Effects of a Block Drain

Keeping your home clean and hygienic is a necessity for all of us as it helps to eradicate all the harmful diseases causing organisms from our home and maintain our good health and remain disinfected. One of the hidden concerns in our home, which we rarely pay any attention to is the blocked drains. Drains remain clogged for long periods and numerous number of infect ants are born in the stagnant water of the drains causing deadly diseases to not only us but also the ones living nearby. The effects of these drains can be for long term and we couldn’t even imagine how rapidly they will spread and affect our lives severely. Here are some of the health and other effects that a blocked drain can have on your everyday life:

1. Dirty Water Flooding

Imagine water from toilets, waste water of your home, all of them sitting in one place. All this water will remain stagnant till the capacity of the drain will be to hold. But eventually, due to a blockage, the drains will overflow, and it may cause flooding at your home. The dirty water will come out from all possible places like the toilet and spread all over your house. It may also lead to pipe leaks which will spread dirty odor all over the house.

2. Breeding Source

All this stagnant and dirty water will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other harmful organisms which may cause severe diseases. This can be a major problem for your family as there will be no way to stop this breeding unless drains are cleaned. These diseases spreading organisms will affect the people in the neighborhood as well. Thus, for the collective wellness of the entire group of people living nearby, this drain clogging should be cleared off to prevent any health hazards.

3. Weaken Your House

When the drainage water will not find the right place to get out and remains clogged, then the water will leak out to find any space it can. It may go to different places or to the corners of the house’s foundation and can harm the structure of your home. Such structural damage will harm your house’s longevity and will become difficult and expensive to be repaired. The strength will be difficult to restore while the people living in the house may be exposed to a certain amount of risk as well.

4. Bad Odor

Stagnant water may lead to bad odors all around the house. Such odors will be the result of water getting out of the blocked drains and reaching out to all the places of the house. You will get this smell everywhere in the house and it will become uncomfortable for you to live there. This smell will get worse and worse day by day as the water remains stagnant and will cause a number of diseases itself. These diseases may not be life threatening but can lead to anxiety and mood swings to the people living at home, which will amount to discomfort.

5. Irritation

With bad smells and constant leakages all around our home, we will get irritated. This water causes anxiety and will aggravate the existing problems of the people in the house. For instance, foul odors have a major impact on asthma patients as their problems are increased significantly in such an atmosphere. It may also cause allergies to some and make it even more active among the people who are already suffering from the existing ones. Coming into contact with this water may cause several skin related problems too. Hence, a blocked drain can account to irritation and discomfort.

These are some of the harmful effects, which a blocked drain can have on our health, and house, and we must initiate its maintenance as soon as it can be possible.

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