Patio Shades

Types of Patio Shades – How to Choose?

You can look forward to enjoying the outdoors now that the summer is approaching. Getting your patio all set can be exciting with multiple choices available in patio sun shades. These tend to be essential for almost all houses which have patios as they offer multiple benefits.

  • The patio shades protect you from the harmful glare of the sun. As we know that the temperatures seem to be on a constant rise and enjoying the outdoors is next to impossible without some sort of a shade. These patio shades do the trick. They let you enjoy the outdoors without getting uncomfortable due to the harsh sunlight.
  • The rising temperatures only add to your discomfort when you are outdoors. With patio shades, the temperature is at a comfortable level. Specific patio shades tend to absorb the heat of the glaring sun. Besides offering comfort, these shades can also bring down the energy bills.
  • Enjoying the view is convenient with these shades. Most of these shades can block almost 97% of the sun’s glare but do not cause any hindrance to the view.
  • Opting for the motorized patio shades adds to the convenience as all you need to do is press a button the given remote to open or close them.
  • Winters can be as comfortable as the summers as these patio shades protect against fierce winds. The zipper system and sidetracks in these shades allow you to close them tight when facing a storm.
  • These patio shades can also save you from the mosquito menace. Bring the happiness of the outdoors without the hassles of mosquitoes and other bugs.

Different Materials of Patio Shades:

Some information on the different materials used for patio shades can help you make the apt choice.

  1. Aluminum Patio Covers:

Aluminum patio covers are light, but stable and can offer the patio a modern look. Installing this is easy as these are light. This is a little more expensive as compared to the wooden patio covers as the material is costlier. As these covers are coated with plastic you have a wide choice of colors offered. The positive of these shades is that these are water-resistant and do not fade easily. Maintenance is easy as these can be cleaned simply with water.

  1. Wooden Patio Covers:

Wood being a natural material tends to offer a special kind of warmth to the whole atmosphere. Wood paint and varnish can customize the patio shade in accordance with your preference. You need to maintain this with regular treatment so that the patio shade can last for a longer period of time. This is one choice which can work out reasonable where the price is concerned.

  1. Acrylic Glass or Polycarbonate Patio Shades:

Polycarbonate patio shades are available in multiple varieties, from dark tones of different colors to the opaque ones. As compared to polycarbonate patio shades, the acrylic glass shades are a little costlier as these are heavier. Both these materials can protect you from the harmful UV rays. The positives of these materials are its light weight and robustness. This means they can last for a long period of time without any major problem.

  1. Laminated Safety Glass Patio Shades:

Laminated safety glass patio shades add a touch of elegance to any patio. When choosing a patio shade in the glass it is advisable to opt for the laminated safety glass as this is not dangerous like normal glass. This safety glass has two panels of glass with a foil layer sticking to the glass. This eliminates the danger of any harm even if this break.

You can conduct an online search and find out which patio shades meet your requirements, and which one fits into your budget.

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