Home Office Cleaning

The Complete Home Office Cleaning Checklist

If you work in a cluttered office, your work habits can change and you can easily fall into an unproductive routine and work less than you’re actually able to. Keeping your office neat and clean can boost your productivity and keep you well organized, especially when you’re working from home. With just a few simple tweaks you can do in a couple of minutes, your workspace can become a great base for your tasks. That’s why it’s important to always keep your desk decluttered of all the unnecessary things, your windows clean and all the surfaces dust-free.

Keep the desk neat

There are some people who can manage to work only if they have chaos all over their desk, but they still manage to know where everything is. If you’re one of those people who aren’t used to such an arrangement, you need to make sure to keep nothing but the items you actually need on your desk as that’s the only sustainable way of organization. As soon as you enter your office, take a minute before turning on your computer and simply go through everything on your desk, putting away everything you won’t be using that day.

Clean the office with the rest of the house

When you start cleaning your house, go into your office and vacuum it, dust it and take out the trash. Being able to separate your professional and personal life is amazing, but that doesn’t mean that both of these areas don’t deserve to be cleaned and taken care of in the same way. Just imagine how much time you spend in your office and think of all the bacteria and dust surrounding you day after day.

Clean the shelves

Remove everything from your shelves and dust them from top to bottom, but try to keep everything perfectly organized. Before putting everything back where it belongs, you can use some quality label markers like Dymo labels to mark your office supplies. This little trick will help you stay organized, and prove to be of great value next time you start cleaning your shelves.

Wash the windows

Simply use a cloth and some glass cleaner – you can even try one with extra lemon scent to make your office smell nice and clean. If you have curtains, wash them twice a month to keep them fresh, but if you have a tendency to smoke in your office, remember to do this more often.

Remove the trash

If you have enough space to add several containers in your home office, make an effort to separate your trash every single day. This way, you’ll be able to take it out more frequently – keep in mind that not emptying the trash can for a couple of days can cause serious health issues – and do something good for the environment as well.

Minimize the odor

Although not many people consider this to be a part of their cleaning process, achieving a pleasant scent is still an important feature in every room, and the office is no exception. Add an air purifier and some scented candles to make your office smell fresh and don’t forget to air it several times a day.

Clean the laptop

Spending the entire working day in front of your computer means it needs to be spotless. Therefore, clean it as often as possible unless you want to inhale the dust stuck between the keys of your keyboard. Buy a laptop cleaning kit, keep it in your drawer and clean it whenever you can. When you’re vacuuming the office, gently go around your laptop and scoop the dust hidden all over it.

Vacuum once a week

You probably don’t take off your shoes in your home office, so vacuuming it once a week is quite important. Just move around the furniture and make sure you can reach every corner in order not to spread the dust all around the office. Don’t forget to dust your chair and cabinets because these are the areas people generally don’t pay enough attention to.

Finally, don’t forget the plants

Although this may seem quite odd, even the plants can collect spiderweb and dust. You can simply use a cloth and gently wipe them – also, don’t forget to put them in the shower two or three times a year and carefully splash some water over them to clean all the inaccessible places.

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