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Maintenance Tips for Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Opting for engineered hardwood flooring is one of the best decisions taken by homeowners due to the multiple benefits this offers. As we know flooring can make or break the looks of a home. Engineered hardwood flooring adds a touch of class and elegance and speaks of warmth when installing in both domestic and corporate environment. Engineered hardwood flooring is tough, and it is available in maple, Oakwood, cherry and different other varieties to offer a natural look to your home or office flooring.

Some of the benefits these floorings offer are:

  • This flooring offers a natural look and feels which is similar to natural wood flooring. As mentioned, this enhances the total look of a home and makes it all the more inviting.
  • Due to the process of manufacture, these flooring tends to be stable in any type of climate. You do not face problems like expansion or contraction due to the change in temperature.
  • Sanding, re-finishing or even getting the floor lacquered is easy and convenient with these engineered hardwood floors. This flooring does get scratched and dented but getting this re-finished sorts out this problem with ease.
  • Opting for the engineered floor which can be clicked in for installation allows you to use it without any waiting. This is a major benefit where everyone is in a hurry to go on with their normal routine.
  • Also, engineered hardwood flooring options are trendy and versatile which blend well with any existing home décor. The top layer can be left unfinished with ample customization options that can be done by home or office owners.

Top 7 tips to maintain engineered hardwood flooring:

  1. Environmental conditions need to be maintained with air humidity at 35 to 55 degrees and temperatures 18 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius. You need to be aware that too much of dryness or heat can lead the floor to get brittle and excessive moisture can lead the floor to swell.
  2. It is advisable not to use mats with a smooth backing as these can trap water underneath. That is, vinyl and rubber need to be avoided.
  3. Make sure you do not use a wet mop or walk on these floors with a wet footwear. As mentioned, the wood can expand with any excessive moisture. Finishes tend to protect the face of the wood from stains; these are not water-proof.
  4. Any liquid spills on these floorings need to be soaked up. There should be enough and more of flow of air in and around the space the spill has occurred.
  5. Furniture should have fabric glides on the legs. This allows easy movement of the furniture without the floor getting scuffed. The glides need to be cleaned regularly.
  6. UV rays can cause discolouration of floors. Ensure you shift the placement of the rugs off and on so that you get an even color of the flooring. Windows which are facing south need drapes or shades.
  7. Those that have pets need to ensure that the nails of their pets are well trimmed so that scratches can be avoided.

Engineered hardwood flooring needs to be swept or vacuumed with the help of a soft broom or vacuum attachment. Cleaners which are wax-based or harsh cleaners need to be avoided for cleaning these floors.

Before opting for a manufacturer of these engineered hardwood floors ensure they have the required qualifications and experience. You can call in the professionals to install engineered hardwood flooring. On-site sanding is done sometimes, and you can choose from wide variety of installations like glued, non-glued, stapled and floating types. However, there is less labor charge involved when it comes to the installation of the engineered hardwood flooring on concrete floors.

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