Toxin-Free Home Office

How to Maintain a Clean and Toxin-Free Home Office

Waking up later than usual, not having to spend hours commuting, being able to wear your pajamas all day long and making breaks whenever you feel like it are just some of the benefits of working from home. However, just because you’re not spending your workday in a typical office doesn’t mean your job is less valuable nor that you shouldn’t have a space you can call your own. Some think lying in bed with their laptop is a proper way to work, but this is actually far away from truth. What you need is a separate space that should be clean and toxin-free, so here’s how you can achieve it.

Let some fresh air in

This is the cheapest, easiest and most effective trick in the book, and something we can all do in a matter of minutes. Simply open your office window, let some fresh air in and you’ll feel much better in a matter of minutes. Stale air makes us unproductive and unwilling to work, while fresh air can boost productivity and help you get more work done in less time, which is why this simple hack is actually one of the basic requirements in a modern home office. When surrounded by it, you’ll feel better, wake up more easily, stay inspired and encouraged to keep on working even when you’re sleepy and tired.

Declutter regularly

This is another easy trick most people find to be quite helpful – declutter your home office as often as you can before it turns into a messy place you won’t be happy to spend your working day in. Getting yourself surrounded by a pile of papers is easier than you think, and only if you keep these under control will you be able to work properly and achieve all the things you’ve planned to achieve. Of course, you don’t have to declutter every single day, but try to put everything back in its place so that there’s no chance for future clutter neither.

Clean the surfaces

Every home office should have a chair, a desk and a storage unit where you can safely keep all your documents and valuables. On the other hand, you can add as much furniture as you want and even continue bringing in new pieces every now and then – this way, you’ll always keep your office exciting and stimulating. Searching for new inspiration, more and more people in Australia, for instance, are looking into reliable and cheap furniture in Sydney that can boost their motivation and take their home office to a new level. Ultimately, no matter how much furniture you have, make sure it’s always dust-free, so be sure to wipe it weekly. This takes just a couple of minutes, but maintains the overall hygiene of your office, and that’s especially important when your clients, investors and business partners come to visit.

Use natural products

Working from home also means you’ll be closer to your own home-made cleaning supplies and products that make a huge difference in this world that’s already on the edge of natural disaster. Most people were reluctant to believe how effective simple products you can find in anyone’s home actually are – borax, baking soda, salt, vinegar and warm water are just some of them – but if you know how to mix these and turn them into cleaning supplies, you won’t have to spend a dime on expensive products that aren’t really that effective in the first place.

Get some help

Another benefit of working from home is having your family close by, and this can be rather important when it comes to cleaning your office. Instead of doing everything on your own or asking your spouse for help, get your kids involved – they may protest in the beginning, but once you get them motivated, they’ll be happy to help. And as soon as they do that in your office, they’ll continue cleaning their own room as well, which is something all parents find precious.

Scattering a few plants here and there, disinfecting the desk every week and banning smoking are just a few other options to keep your home office clean and toxin-free, so be sure to try them all out and find the ones that work for you the most.

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