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How to Clean Your House Before Hosting a Party

Hosting a party can be really stressful and we all want our house to be clean and in its best shape, yet we often don’t have enough time to get everything under control. Therefore, you need a few simple tips how to clean your house quickly without forgetting anything. There are some areas you definitely need to focus on, and some you can leave out for now, and thoroughly clean later. Don’t be afraid – it’s OK to overlook some corners of your house because you’ll have too many things to do anyway. This isn’t something you need to worry about, so just prepare the food, put on some cool music and soon enough no one will pay attention to the details.

What to do a week before

There aren’t lots of things you need to think of this far ahead, but this is the time to prepare everything so that you can wait for the party in a more relaxed mood. Apart from making shopping lists for groceries, make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you’ll need. When it comes to the actual cleaning process, this is the time to declutter your party area – so, take out everything you don’t need and make more room for your guests.

Keep the kitchen clean

Cleaning your kitchen comes in two stages – one for your cooking area and one that has to be done right before your guests arrive. Clean your oven and refrigerator before and after preparing meals, as well as your countertops and other surfaces, but wipe them down again as your guests start coming in. They’ll probably want to come to help you and you’ll want to have your kitchen sparkling clean and thus show them you’ve prepared the food in healthy conditions. Also, forget the dirty dishes during the party – just keep loading your dishwasher and turn it on after all the guests are out.

Make your house appealing

Even though this may seem like an unimportant thing, you’ll definitely want to focus on the looks of your house and make it appealing from the entrance. Use a colorful vase and put some fresh flowers to make your hallway fresh and chic. If you want to make an amazing first impression, pay special attention to your sturdy entry doors and decorate them with an interesting wreath. Also, tidy up the surroundings around your home to make it look more welcoming and clean.

The day of the party

Each of us has a few shortcuts and you need to use all of yours to make this fast and well organized. If you have a lot of items you don’t know what to do with, hide them in your bedroom and nobody will be able to see your mess. Just remember to lock the bedroom door and this will look like you did it because of privacy, but you can use it to store all the excess furniture you moved to get more space. One room that needs to be cleaned right before your guests arrive is the bathroom and you’ll need to make sure it’s stocked with all the supplies to avoid running through the house with a new roll of toilet paper.

Last minute clean-up

Focus on the areas where your guest will mingle, clean all wooden surfaces, floors and rugs and remove your fragile and valuable items. Dust all framed photos and bookcases because these are the things your guests are probably going to admire and browse through. You can even do this ten minutes before you expect your friends to arrive and just run your cloth over these surfaces. This will calm you down and make you less nervous before everyone arrives, and give your living space an extra nice look.

Don’t let cleaning take too much time out of preparing the food or enjoying the party, but make it as fast and enjoyable as you can. While it’s important to clean your home thoroughly, it’s better to plan it ahead and do it in sections and save your energy for the actual party. These tips will help you preserve positive energy and clean only those parts of the house your guests will attend. After everything is done, you’ll have to deep clean your house so leave the hard work for the days after the party.

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