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5 Exterior Trends to Embrace in 2019

The homes in 2019 will truly shine both inside and outside owing to the extraordinary trends that the upcoming year is bringing. Thus, if you’ve been thinking about styling up your home’s exterior, you should take a look at the most inspiring exterior design trends for 2019 and start planning your remodel for the next year.

An eclectic home design

Instead of a strict separation of styles, the home design in 2018 will be more eclectic in nature, combining different styles and mixing the old with the new. For a truly authentic visual appeal, you can blend different design elements into your home’s exterior. No longer will you have to go with all-modern looks, but mix and match contemporary designs with traditional, bungalow or farmhouse elements. Such an unusual mixture will certainly add character to your home’s exterior without creating an overbearing look.

Sophisticated neutrals

Subtle neutrals will never go out of style – at least not in the year 2019. However, you should embrace a more sophisticated palette of neutral hues accentuated through the use of elements, such as dark grey roofing materials, grey concrete and greyish bricks. Such a subtle choice of colours will help you give your home a timeless value and design an exterior that exudes effortless beauty.

A dynamic colour palette

While neutrals have their place under the spotlight, in 2019, they’ll share it with a dynamic palette of both dark and bright hues and unexpected pops of vibrant colours. A backdrop of classic greys, blues, whites and blacks will go perfectly with bold accent details in vibrant shades, such as energetic red or lime green. If you want to create such a stunning visual appeal, you can pick the main colour palette that will fit the general style of your home and then use complementary shades for accent details. For example, a palette of subtle greys will provide a perfect backdrop for red front door that will work as an enticing focal point of your home’s exterior. Another popular look that you can embrace in 2019 are window frames in dark colours. Instead of the monotonous white, choose frames in black or brown with bronze undertones.

Integrated landscape elements

When it comes to landscaping and other elements, such as sheds, garage doors, fences and the like, they are no longer considered to be secondary to a home’s exterior. In 2019, they will become an integral part of the entire home design and the surroundings. Instead of leaving these elements for later, you should include them in your renovation plans along with the rest of your home. In order to do things properly, it is advisable to call experts like ones that do landscaping in North Shore for best results By incorporating landscape elements into the entire design scheme, you’ll be able to create a balanced and perfectly harmonious look.

Star materials

There will be so many attractive options when it comes to materials in 2019. As one of the most popular choices, wood will be dominating the exterior design scene in the upcoming year. There’s simply no better option if you want to give your home’s exterior an organic touch. You can even choose more affordable, easy-to-maintain materials that will replicate natural wood. These include concrete panels, aluminium siding, porcelain tile and fibre cement boards. For a truly mesmerising visual appeal, you can use a stained wood-look siding in combination with black accents and white stucco. For a subtle look, you should go with a monochromatic design, while installations with a high contrast will certainly create the wow effect.

Red brick will make its way back to the design scene as another popular exterior choice. However, instead of using brick for the entire home, you should introduce it in small doses, and that way accentuate the form of your home. You can use red brick with a warm finish in combination with other materials. Finally, stone is another star among materials, available in a range of enticing textures.

Expert advice: Whether you decide to repaint your home in one of these stylish hues or clad it with brick or stone, you need to obtain all the necessary equipment. From basic tools and materials to safety equipment, such as protective goggles and mobile aluminium scaffolding, you need to get everything in advance to ensure that the job is done safely and efficiently, especially when it comes to your home’s façade.

Exterior trends for 2019 will help you design a home with a stylish and authentic visual appeal. Whether you decide to go with a complete makeover or just style up certain elements, don’t forget to get all the necessary equipment.

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