How To Clean a New House before You Move In

Moving into a new house can be tricky business, especially if you’re not a seasoned nomad or a Jack of all trades with years of home repair and maintenance under their belt. Still, the fact that cleaning isn’t your forte doesn’t mean you can start unpacking before you’ve taken proper care of your new nest. To make the pre-move cleaning session easier and more efficient, you can try these simple tips and strike a fine balance between superior home aesthetics and functionality.

1. No forgotten clutter on the premises

In case the previous owner didn’t do their share of the cleaning work as they ought to have, you may have to cart their clutter out your new home before you get down to cleaning. Go through the wardrobes, shelves, fridge, and other storage units and throw away anything the ex owners failed to take care of before the move. When cleaning the storage units, wear protective gloves and watch out for sharp objects such as nails, pins, and jagged corners: cleanliness might be half your health, but precaution is definitely the second part of the winning wellbeing formula.

2. Painted in the colors of home comfort

Once you’ve cleansed your new quarters of forgotten clutter, you should pause for a moment to reflect on the color scheme and overall home design and see whether it needs to be touched up. If the walls have seen better days, you should have them re-plastered and/or repainted, and you should also inspect the place for signs of leaks, mold, plumbing defects, wiring issues, and other common household hitches that need to be taken care of before the move. Also, you can have a professional electrician check your heating and cooling system and take care of any damage that can cause long-term complications and costly repairs.

3. Sweet, neat, and squeaky clean home

Once you’ve eliminated previous occupants’ belongings and touched up the wall paint, it’s time to shift your attention to the home clean proper. If you didn’t have to repaint the walls, now’s the right moment to move all heavy furniture pieces such as the fridge, wardrobes, closets, and floor-to-ceiling shelves and wipe away dirt and debris from the hard-to-access areas with a wet cloth. You should also take down paintings, posters, and wall art, and wipe the surfaces below them before you go on to clean the rest of your new home. Finally, wipe wooden surfaces clean using a soft cloth and apply a wax or lacquer coat to freshen up worn furniture.

4. No fingerprints and stains, thank you

Once you’ve wiped all smooth surfaces in your quarters clean, you should use a soft cloth to get out stains from sensitive hardware such as bathroom ceramics, kitchen tiles, appliances, power outlets, door handles, and switches. For stubborn stains, you can use a standard degreaser, but if you want to stay on the green side of the home cleaning session, you can try and make a non-toxic grease remover on your own using vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. If possible, you should use eco-friendly cleaning supplies to minimize risk of respiratory hitches and do a favor to Mother Nature at the same time.

5. Steam clean upholstered furniture

Over time, dust and dirt can sneak into home textiles, which is why you should have upholstered furniture steam-cleaned before you start unpacking. If you have a steam cleaner at hand, use it to get out accumulated dirt and stains from upholstered furniture or ask professionals to handle the steam clean for you. In case the upholstery and other textiles in your new home suffer from stubborn stains, you can use a homemade stain remover to get them out: that way, you’ll clean your home textiles the green way and avoid discoloration and other types of fabric damage that commonly occur through use of bleach and other harsh cleaning solutions.

6. A clean garden for shipshape home

When you’ve thoroughly cleaned your new quarters of clutter and dirt, you should do the same in the garden. Use gardening tools to eliminate weed, leaves, and dead plants from flower beds and lawn, and clean water features to help bring out your garden’s finest aspects. If concrete pathways, patio, and other structures in your yard are covered with dirt that refuses to budge even with hardest scrubbing, you can use heavy-duty Karcher pressure washers to restore the original sparkle and freshness to hard-wearing outdoor surfaces. For a final touch, it would be a smart move to check outdoor lighting and fix or upgrade it before you move in.

Ready to move into your new home? Follow the tips listed above and your home will shine in its classiest attire before you begin to unpack your belongings. Good luck!

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