100 Years of Bauhaus Design (Infographic)


100 Years of Bauhaus Design – Infographic Bauhaus is a German phrase and literally means “building house”. Bauhaus was a German art school that started operating 100 years ago back in 1919 so

2019 is a celebration of its existence and its overall huge influence on everything from art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and typography. While only operational up until 1933, the school’s influence still spans today and is very evident in the consistent popularity of interior themes like Scandi’ and the Industrial look all over the globe. One of the consistent themes of Bauhaus is that one should not hide materials like steel or metal; instead one should embrace this into the design of an entity, be it a piece of furniture or an actual property’s architecture. Those materials should be embraced and become part of the overall theme of the look. We see this in the popularity of for example, steel beams in studio apartments or the sleek lines of Scandi’ style furniture.

The guys from EZ Living Interiors have put together this infographic below that covers everything you need to know about Bauhaus design and its influence on interiors and property design. It’s a fascinating trip of the development of Bauhaus and how it’s evolved to become one of the most influential movements in interiors and furniture design through the years.

Check out the full graphic below.

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