Weathertex Cladding: Keep Your House Safe From Weather Damage

To save a home from the effects of weather and for the shedding of water, you find multiple homes opting for cladding systems. This is a layer which is non-load bearing and is attached to the exterior of a home. The type of cladding chosen determines the environmental effect. You need to be aware that cladding has been used for a long time, but the basic function of this was to only to protect your home from the rainwater.

These days, with multiple options available, you find cladding not only improving the looks of a home but also making a difference to the temperatures in the interiors. Thus, it is essential to opt for a cladding, which can serve all the purposes.

How to Choose Claddings?

You can find claddings made of different materials like plastic, metal, wood and a range of materials, which are composite. This can be attached either to an intermediate layer of spacers or battens or even directly to the frame.

These systems are available in vertical and horizontal boards, overlapping panels or sheet materials like tiles or shingles. Each of the systems makes use of different methods to prevent the wind and rain to enter your home through the specific joints. The effectiveness of each of the systems depends on the direction of the wind and the speed along with the exposure to the rain.

Some Benefits of Weathertex Cladding:

Let us see why this weathertex cladding is a favored choice for many homeowners.

1. Maintenance Being Low: As compared to surfaces, which are painted, cladding requires less maintenance. All you need to do is give this a regular wash.

2. Apt for Protection: The main reasons most homeowners use cladding is to safeguard the building from the harsh weather elements, as this works as a layer of protection. This tends to increase the mechanical strength of any building. Claddings in a building prevent any cracks being formed in the building due to the fluctuations in temperatures. This also protects the building from any water absorption or any damage from the harsh sunlight.

3. Aesthetic Appeal: However, the main reason most homeowners opt for cladding is to protect the building but you need to be aware that this can additionally change the overall look of the exterior of a building. The market value increases due to this appealing look. You need to make a choice according to the preferred look.

4. A Durable Option: The weathertex cladding is made of sustainable hardwood, which is environmentally friendly. This ensures that the cladding is not only appealing but is also long-lasting and durable. Weathertex boards are manufactured. Thus, tend to be more stable and eliminates the problems like cracking or swelling.

5. Problems Eliminated: Weathertex claddings are not only easy to install but are also strong and easy to cut. This cladding works out to be resistant to termites. Thus, eliminating any uncalled for problems.

6. Guarantee: Opting for these claddings you can look for a guarantee for almost 25 years. This means you can consider this as a lifetime investment.

Look for a manufacturer who offers you the different choices available in these claddings. As you have the availability of the multiple colors, making a choice, which complements your home, is much easier. You need to be aware that the color of the cladding chosen can influence the capacity of the cladding to either reflect or absorb heat. It is wiser to opt for light colors or those with reflective finishes for roofing. Besides, you need to consider the environmental factor when you choose weathertex cladding for your home.

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