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Top 5 Things for Pet Owners to Consider About Carpet

Carpets are enjoyable for our four-legged friends and us. Here are five things to think about for a pet-owner considering installing carpet in the home.

#1. Light or Medium Colors

Consider a light or medium-light carpet color. Dark colors tend to make pet dander more visible, while light colors disguise debris such as pet hair. Light colors will allow your carpet look cleaner longer between cleanings. This can also save you the time you would spend vacuuming to get rid of dirt and grime brought in by pets.

#2. Toxic Substances

Not all carpets have been treated with the same quantities of chemicals during their construction. Ask your flooring professional what chemicals are used to treat and create the carpet before installing them. Some carpets are eco-friendly and made with a pet’s sensitivities in mind. Other carpets emit VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, that can cause dizziness, coughing, nausea, and other signs of illness. Similarly, flame retardants or a chemical referred to as PBDEs that are also used a flame retardant in carpets can cause thyroid disease in cats.

As a pet owner, pay attention to the types of cleaning supplies you’ll be using on the carpet. Most eco-friendly cleaning supplies such as carpet shampoo are safe for pets and children. You’ll want to find an eco-friendly stain remover you can use on your carpet, and perhaps an eco-friendly carpet shampoo for deep cleanings.

#3. Preventing Damages from Pets

As a pet owner, you’ll want your pet to enjoy the carpet without causing extreme damage to it. One way to do this is to delegate a corner of your carpeted room just for your pet. This will minimize the amount of upkeep you’ll have to do on the whole carpet. Keeping your pet as clean as possible can also minimize damage to the carpet, like stains and bugs brought in from the outside. To prevent damages, you can also lay down rugs on top of your carpets for your pets to enjoy. Also, choosing stain resistant carpets made from materials like nylon or wool will make cleaning easier when accidents happen.

#4. Pros of Carpets and Pets

Bear in mind carpets are an excellent choice for pets because of the traction from the carpet fibers. Smooth floors like wood can often cause pets to slip, which can be catastrophic if your pet is older with a tendency to get hurt.

#5. Cons of Carpets and Pets

Accidents will happen. You might have to spend more time vacuuming and spot cleaning. Call in professionals to clean the carpet at least twice a year. Ask them to focus on carpet areas where pets spend the most time.

At the end of the day, you can have the best of both worlds: a nice carpet and a happy pet. The best way to maintain your carpet is to clean your carpet regularly, and for your pet’s benefit, use eco-friendly materials on your carpet. Be aware of any damages to the carpet: pet hair, feces, urine, etc. That will affect the quality of the carpet, and take measures to prevent as much grime as possible.

Invest in a carpet and your pet will thank you!

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