Top 5 Reasons You Should Have Trauma Shears

Do you want to know why you should keep a good set of trauma shears? Well, by the end of this article you will find out!

Although there is an immense versatility in the uses of Trauma shears, they are very inexpensive. They are generally known as medical shears, trauma shears and EMT shears. They are designed for various purposes from cutting larger materials and fabrics to bandages that you can know about here:

#1. Repairing of Clothes and Accessories

Trauma shears can cut through any kind of material which is the reason it makes them great for repairing clothing and accessory items. If you have a bag that is damaged, they can even help you to cut through the canvas and patch it back up!

They are also used by medical professionals to quickly cut a patient’s clothing before they go through the first aid so your first aid kit should have this definitely.

#2. Cutting Tape and Plastic Packaging

They are great for cutting coatings that are wrapped with tape but make sure they are clean if you are going to cut a medical tape from them. If you find trouble in cutting single and double layer plastic on any kind of packaging they will help you out big time.

#3. Take Trauma Shears on Camping

You will be surprised to know how many tasks a trauma shears set will make easy for you. Cut meat, shorten ridge lines, and make cordage around fire with them. These really are very handy and safe to carry on camping.

#4. Collect Kindling

As we discussed the camping, lighting fire is one thing which is very important when you are spending night outdoor. How can a trauma shears set help you light a fire? Well, you can easily and very safely cut kindling, bark, dry grass or any kind of material with them. They help you avoid the risk of using an axe or a knife for that purpose.

#5. Slices Almost Every Material

They cut through turnout gear, denim and leather jackets, boots, wet suits, medical bandages, sports wraps, hard plastic packaging, even seat belts and a lot more.

The world’s most readily users of this tool are EMTs, combat medics, doctors, paramedics, fire fighters and others that know that every second counts.

Hope you understand now why trauma shears is something you must keep in your skewing kit and medical first aid kit. Small mistakes sometimes make people vulnerable and put them on great life risks. Using safe and handy tools makes tasks easy and saves you from troubles as well.

Thank you for reading this post! If you have more uses and benefits of trauma shears in mind, do comment below.

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