Top 5 Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Luxury Villa

When it comes to designing your bathroom, a lot of forethought and careful planning is required. Bathrooms have evolved to one of the most significant features of a home. For your villa, it is where your guest will go to unwind and relax. It is therefore imperative that you give it the attention it deserves when designing your home.

There are so many ideas when it comes to designing your bathroom that it can sometimes feel like a daunting task. The key here is to tackle an area at a time.

Here are five bathroom design ideas to help you get started.

#1. Flooring Ideas

There are many varieties available to you when it comes to bathroom flooring. To give your luxury villa a classic look, go for high-quality floors that are waterproof and will not stain.
When it comes to flooring material, tiles are a good option. They give the bathroom a clean, modern look. You can install either porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain is a better option as it is more stylish and beautiful.

Other flooring options available to you include vinyl, natural stone, wood, and laminate flooring. Whatever you select, ensure that it is simple to maintain, durable, and safe.

#2. Selecting Colors for your Bathroom

Coordinate the colors of your bathroom walls with those on your floor. Colors determine the mood of the room. A bathroom mood should be relaxing and calming. To achieve this atmosphere, select colors that are light and soft such as navy or deep brown. Consult a color wheel when pairing the colors. Avoid going for busy tile patterns unless you can coordinate these very well.

When settling on your colors, contrast the floor with the walls. Keep these colors in mind when purchasing other bathroom items such as towels and curtains.

#3. Bathroom Lighting

Select ample lighting that will complement your other interior design ideas. Ensure that the light you select is bright and clean. You can also add dimmers to give your guests the flexibility of adjusting the brightness. You have the option of coordinating your faucets and fixtures with your lights finish.

Remember that ceiling lights alone are not enough. Add vanity lights for grooming. Ensure that these do not cast shadows. Select bulbs that have warm crisp and clean light. Ensure that the lighting is safe and correctly positioned.

#4. Declutter with Cabinets

One way to declutter your bathroom is to add storage. Add cabinets or decorative shelves to your bathroom villa to give it an organized look. Store extra towels, soap, and other toiletries here to keep them out of sight. Use cabinets to hide away unwanted pipes and cisterns.

Take advantage of the extra shelving and add decorative pieces that go with your interior design ideas. Select a high-quality material with an excellent finish that will complement the rest of your bathroom.

You can also add in woven baskets, wooden stools, and ladders for more storage. These are great and add more style to your bathroom.

#5. Add a Touch of Wood

To give your bathroom villa an expensive look, add a touch of wood. Wood is warm, relaxing and gives your bathroom a natural and stylish look. Go for mirrors with natural wood. Choose wood that matches your bathroom’s decor.

Add wooden furniture to give your bathroom a more modern and sophisticated look. Other areas you can add wood include the floor, wall, or even sink. Go for water-resistant timber to prevent damage.

Adding one or two elements of wood in your bathroom will give your bathroom villa a fresh and organic feel.

Try starting with these few interior design ideas to improve the look of your villa.

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