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Spruce Up Your Home With These 9 Interior Design Trends

Modern homes are always evolving and interior design ideas are in a steady flux. With the fast pace of technological innovations and further development of human creativity, it is not easy to come up with permanent interior design trends. What is fresh and inspiring three years ago might not be essentially stylish and interesting today.

Still, there are several home design solutions that will remain stylish, but with some changes.

Your home deserves a superb interior design that will always inspire you. Now is the time to renovate! Make sure that your new interior design is in keeping with the latest trends.

The Interact Group, a creative interior design company, shares a helpful guide to some of the recent trends that can be expected to stick around and continue in the coming years.

1. Natural Colors

In recent years, cool tones ruled the roost. Today, earthy colors are dominating. Instead of pastel-colored walls and white marble kitchen surfaces, consider using terracotta tiles and exposed brickwork. These hues are now used as the dominant tone in different interior design themes for properties and entire rooms.

2. Nooks

Nooks are the next big thing in the world of home interior designing, whether they are for playing a quiet game, reading, or snoozing. Nooks are the best antidote to the digital life – a cozy space that is totally devoid of computers and televisions. Reputable interior fitout companies recommend using pieces of furniture, movable screens, and houseplants to create comfy private spaces in your house.

3. Natural Light

Natural light is crucial when designing a new interior in today’s modern age. This helps in creating spaces where you can escape from technology and find inner peace. To maximize the diffusion of the rays of the sun throughout your home, enlarge the windows and install mirrors.

4. Comfortable Furniture

Utilitarian furnishings were the hallmark of the minimalist design trends followed by property owners in the past years. Today, many are rediscovering the joys of deep, relaxing armchairs, sumptuous sofas, and other seating options that make chilling out a simpler objective to achieve.

These pieces of furniture can be positioned in the nooks you create to make sure that you’re comfortable whenever you want to retreat from the digital world.

5. Cork

Cork is coming back as an excellent interior feature. It looks stunning against dark tiling, dark wood and white walls. Also, it can be applied in pieces or as an entire wall of corks. In a home office, you can create a perfect pinboard with an entire cork wall.

6. Writeable Surfaces

Magnetic laminate can be used in different ways in homes as walls, as facing on cabinetry, and much more. From matte projection surfaces and gloss magnetic marker boards to matte chalkboards for educational interior use, the applications of such a product are infinite. Most importantly, this product comes at a reasonable price.

7. Marble Bench Tops

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen designs, marble bench tops are an irrefutable classic. They come in different colors, often in black, yellow, rose, green, grey, and white hues. Since no two slabs of marble are the same, you can be confident that you have a unique bench top.

8. Custom-Made Cabinetry

For many years, customized cabinetry has been popular in the world of interior design. Most generic storage solutions do not appeal to property owners because they don’t offer sufficient storage and are not compatible with the rest of the home’s design. As such, custom-made cabinets are perfect solutions because they meet your specific needs. You can even place them anywhere you want. This boosts the practical benefits of cabinetry and enhances your home’s appearance.

9. Reclaimed Materials

Lastly, interior design trends are emphasizing the importance of worn-out and old materials. Most interior designers are turning these materials into excellent things of beauty. This home design solution will not just minimize waste, but will also make a statement that modern designs do not always translate to being brand-new.

As you can see, there are several interior design options to choose from depending on your personal taste and preference, or the look and feel you want to achieve. Expect to see a move towards better functionality fused with a versatile style in the coming years. Usability of the surfaces would be a big consideration. An interesting combination of textures and finishes will surely feature heavily in modern homes.

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