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Small Living Room Design Ideas and Tips

A small living room presents many design challenges. But this does not mean you cannot have a stylish and functional space. We spend most of our time at home in the living room, hence the need to make it welcoming and comfortable. Employing the best small living room design ideas will help you strike a balance between squeezing extra furniture and making the room feel spacious. A carefully designed living room can be user-friendly and attractive. When everything is planned and implemented beautifully, your small living room will feel warm and welcoming.

#1. Keep it light

Using dark hues makes a small space look smaller. Keep most of space and furniture light with a punch of color to add some life to the room. Set the lighting scheme using different lights and at different levels to make the space warm and attractive. Using dimmer lights allow people to linger as it allows you to control the light level for varying activities. People spend lots of time choosing the living room wall color, sofa and other furnishings, but forget to consider the lighting aspects.

#2. Use scaled-down furniture

One of the most effective small living room design ideas is to use smaller furniture; like a petite table instead of the standard sizes. With slimmer furniture, you can get the same look without forcing large furniture into the small space. However, you should resist the urge to buy only small pieces for the living room. You can place one oversized chair like the most comfortable sleeper sofa to create the unexpected scale to the small space.

#3. Use a comfortable sleeper sofa

Using a sofa in the middle of the room can take up space visually and physically. You may opt for a small sofa to solve this challenge. However, if you want the most comfortable sleeper sofa, the size must be standard. Get one that gives you the comfort in a small living room. Not only you but also your guest will be excited. In case you want to use it in a large room someday, it can serve as a divider between two seating areas.

Living Room Design
Living Room Design

#4. Use multi functional furniture

Among the small living room design ideas, this is the most functionally sound. You can purchase a few furniture to do twice the work of normal furniture. Consider versatile stools that can function as tables, ottomans that work well as a coffee table or additional seating. Furniture with storage space can help remove clutter in a small living room. There are lot of cheapest sleeper sofas out there in the market with multifunctional facilities. Why not try them?

#5. Curtain divider

You can use a simple curtain to divide your living room into two functional spaces. A silk curtain panel can add a dramatic element and visually separate a small living room from the dining room or other areas.

#6. Beneath the stairs

By enhancing the storage solutions, you can significantly improve the appearance of any space. Add shelves below the staircase to get extra storage space for various functions. These can help in storing essentials, display your book collection, or turn it into a mini bar. This will create more space in the small living room to move around comfortably and make it appear large.

#7. Window treatment

Properly working on your window treatment can make a small living room appear spacious. Add eclectic floor to ceiling window treatment to give the appearance of extra-high ceilings. This small living room design idea will draw the eyes up and gives a much larger feel.

#8. Add a mirror

One of the oldest and easiest tricks to creating an illusion of a large room is to use full-body mirrors. When surrounded by neutral draperies, the mirror will add extra dimensions to the small space hence the visually expanded space. You can close the curtains and hide the tall mirror to create a small intimate enclosed space.

#9. Fake bigger windows

Visually expand the window height by installing the curtain rods a couple of inches below the ceiling; instead of immediately above the window frame. Use the same trick to expand the window width by hanging the curtain rods some distance past the sides of the window panes. This will create the illusion of large windows that naturally exist in large living rooms.

#10. Make the furniture mobile

You can buy furniture on the caster or fit what you have with caster. This will make it easy to rearrange the pieces whenever you need. This allows you to create space any time for different purposes. These include sleeping, adding a temporary seating arrangement and getting things out of the way for easy movement.

#11. Bring in some plant

Adding greenery to a small living room makes it feel fresh and lighter. If there is no room on the ground, use a hanging plant. Caster large plants to make them easy to move around. For example, moving it to sunlight and out of the way if you need the space.

#12. Bottom line

Living in a home with a small living room is no excuse not to have an elegantly looking and welcoming living room. With these small living room design ideas and tips, you can transform a small room into whatever you want. Using visual illusions, furniture sizes, light, and color, you can make the room appear larger. You can make it comfortable and functional for your lifestyle.

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