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Reasons To Have Your Property Inspected By A Home Inspector

The idea of having your home inspected by a stranger may pretty much sound like a bad idea especially when it involves coughing out some extra $300 to $500 for a 3-4hours service. No. This is not to be confused with real estate appraisal, which is done to get an estimate value of the property. A home inspection is carried out by a home inspector – a trained and certified individual whose job is to carry out a non-invasive and complete evaluation of a property which is to be sold.

So, is spilling the extra bucks to have your home inspected really important? It sure is. Let us look at some of the reasons why having your property inspected by a professional home inspector may be vital.

Home Inspector
Home Inspector

#1. You Get To Know the State of Your Property

A home inspector is a well-trained professional. This is the first, most important thing about using home inspectors. Depending on individual proficiency, it should be easy to come up with a comprehensive list of all the assets in your property, as well as liabilities. A typical examination by a good home inspector should produce a great variety of results: potential value of the walls, the garden, garage or carport, balcony, the roof, foundation of the property.

Also inspected and evaluated is the state of the interior partsof the property such as the plumbing system, the laundry room, fire safety systems, kitchen appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical works and others.

#2. Highlights Your Assets for Better Negotiation

One very important thing a home inspector does during the course of his examination is to identify the key assets and potential strongholds of a given property. No smart property seller lists a given property for sale without identifying its selling point; its key features that will lure sellers. We see this in online merchant sites like Amazon and the likes.

But to know what is worth buying in your property; to identify those features that will make the buyer seal the deal, you will need an expert to inspect your property. When a home is well inspected, it gives the homeowner enough information about the parts of his home that have the highest value. This is a bragging right which the homeowner uses in making a strong argument for his property during sale.

#3. Highlights Liabilities and Potential Deal Breakers

What can be more disappointing to someone looking to sell a home than the shocking realization that his home is worth way less than he had imagined? Worse off is the discovery of a loophole; a potential value killer in your property which the buyer capitalizes on to crash the price of the property.

Ideally, a good home inspection exercise should reveal any special liability that may negatively affect the price of the given property during sale. Additionally, it gives the owner enough time to deal with whatever argument buyers may bring later. On the buyer’s part, a good home inspection arms him with enough information for bargaining.

#4. Better Protection and Safety

It is not enough to acquire a new home. What is enough is acquiring a safe home. There have been several incidences of buildings collapsing as a result of weak foundations, cracked walls, and several other factors. Beyond collapsing buildings, there is the possibility that a property may be infested with toxic chemicals and substances.

Now this is where the expertise of a property inspector comes in full force. Substances like carbon monoxide, lead, molds radioactive substances, as well as many other hazardous which could be present without the owner’s knowledge are tested for.

#5. Gaining More Seller Credibility

A well inspected property has a way of giving property owners the credibility they deserve. For instance, a real estate agent or potential seller, on verifying the results of the inspection gets the idea that the seller has nothing to hide from buyers.

Credibility, for anyone that has sold a property before, is perhaps the single most important factor in closing the sale. When the seller has demonstrated his honesty, and won the trust of the buyer, a favorable negotiation session can begin.


The major point of all of this is that the relevance of a home inspection by a professional cannot be overlooked, especially on the long-run. No doubt, you will spend some money doing this but the confidence which it gives you – the seller – when you come to the negotiation table, as well as the sense of guarantee of quality which the buyer gets, is worth the stress.

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