Gravity Defying Shoes

Gravity Defying Shoes: Worth It or Not?

According to many manufacturers of gravity defyer shoes, these shoes have the ability to absorb shock from the ground, when you are running, and convert it into positive energy that allows you to push forward and walk and run smoothly. This, consequently, allows you to walk and run faster. It also puts your body in a comfortable position and makes your posture better. It also enables you to walk and run a long distance, more than you normally can. According to many people, these shoes have helped them feel better, especially in the case of joint and spine problems. They are light weight and bouncy and can be used for sporty or casual purposes. Just slip them on anywhere you go.

Since having a good posture is important for physical health, these shoes may actually come in handy. Having a bad posture can cause injuries, back pain and body pain. These shoes provide you with a cushioned walk to make sure all your energy goes into your walking and running. A good posture can help you remain healthy and active, without feeling tired all the time. So these shoes might actually be a good idea for those of us who complain about body pain and posture problems.

I addition, gravity defyer shoes are known to be very sporty and light, by evenly distributing your body weight and movement. This makes these shoes great for sports such as golf, soccer, running, hiking, basketball or power walking. However, because of the springs in the heels of these shoes, they may make you feel heightened and make you unstable. You may need to get used to wearing them.

These gravity defyer shoes are especially good for foot and hip pain, and enable you to stay on your feet the whole day. So if you have a job that requires a lot of standing and waiting, such as counter jobs, waiters etc. these shoes can definitely help you out.

These gravity defyer shoes come in many designs and colors. You can pick the one that fits your taste best. However, even though these shoes look great, some people have complained about heel pains after wearing these shoes. They say that the shoes feel great and comfortable, but they put too much stress on their heels. For some foot shapes, the toes of these shoes are too narrow and make it difficult for the wearer to walk comfortably.

Another great thing about these shoes is that they are long lasting. Customers have reportedly said that they last from six to twelve months easily and do not need constant replacement. This means they are easy on your pocket and you do not have to purchase a new pair after a short period of time. One pair of gravity defyer shoes can go a long way with you.

The best thing about shoes is that they are categorized according to various physical problems as well. For example, there are gravity shoes for women with bursitis. This means that you can purchase a pair of these shoes according to your physical condition as well, if you have any.
In any case, running is mostly advantageous if there is minimum space between your foot and the ground.

However, since gravity defyer shoes have a heel of springs between the foot and the ground, there is doubt if they would make good running shoes. There is no scientific proof that proves that these shoes are actually helpful for running and sports. They may make your feet comfortable, because of which some people would find them useful for wearing them every day and especially during job that require long hours of standing and waiting.

Despite all the criticism, these gravity defyer shoes have proved to be very easy and comfortable to wear by many satisfied customers. Since these shoes can be expensive, depending on your choice, it would be a better choice to assess your daily routine and lifestyle before buying them.

Even though they look flashy and new, they may not suit your life style and you may end up wasting a lot of money on a promotion stunt. A good option would be to go to a store and physically give these shoes a try so that you can examine first-hand how well these shoes adjust to your feet and body.

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