Christmas Home Decoration

Five Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Christmas is for many the best time of the year. It is a time of festive activities, being together as a family, of love, and joy. Maybe it’s your turn to host the annual family Christmas party, but you have no idea how to decorate your home. We’ve come up with five eye-catching yet straightforward Xmas decorating ideas to get you out of your decorating slump. With our five easy tips, we’ll help you make your Christmas gathering fantastic and one spoken about for many years to come.

#1. Go for a Wreath

Nothing is more inviting to visitors and speaks of Christmas than a wreath hanging on your front door. A wreath is an assortment of flowers, twigs, and fruits shaped in the form of a ring. There are lots of ways to get creative with wreaths as they can be made out of a variety of items and it’s easy to add your personal touch to it. Use materials like wood, branches, pine corns, linen or consider spraying it a beautiful snow white or even golden color. Want to make sure your house stands out from your neighbors? Why not create the wreath in the shape of your family’s name? Try this list from Elledecor if you run out of ideas.

#2. Turn Pillows into Presents

We all love the feeling of guessing what we will get for Christmas. Sometimes the suspense of not knowing what gift you’ll receive is even better than the gift itself. Nobody can say that they haven’t shaken their presents the night before to get some form of a clue what it is. Why not make the activity more interesting this year by substituting wrapping with pillows.

This way you will keep everyone guessing, and you don’t have to spend hours wrapping presents. You can decorate the pillows to help create a festive mood or get special themed Xmas pillowcases. Alternatively, if you don’t like the thought of placing gifts inside cushions, putting a few Xmas themed soft furnishings around your home should also do the trick.

#3. Light the Driveway

This decorating method is an old favorite that will let your guest and the whole neighborhood know that you’ve got the Christmas spirit. If you don’t want to spend money, you can place a few candles or garden lanterns alongside your driveway. Otherwise, head over to eBay and browse through their wide assortment of Xmas lights. From candy cane shaped to snowmen and even Christmas themed flamingos, they’ve got it all. For less than $100 you can light your driveway.

#4. Make Use of a Ceramic Christmas Tree

Ceramic Christmas trees were once part of a significant trend during the early 70’s within Christmas decoration scene and have emerged once again. However, now it has become a vintage piece which looks great in any home and is highly collectible. Christmas Tree Source has created a list of 13 ceramic Christmas trees to help you find one. You can you choose from many colors and if you want, even turn it into a DIY project with a tree you can paint whichever way you like.

Not only will this decorative item intrigue many family members, but children will also want to touch it and be mesmerized by its flickering lights. Placed in the center of a table it makes a fantastic decoration that will be the start of many conversations.

#5. Hang and Decorate with Family Photos

If you have a family gathering for Christmas why not gather a bunch of old family photos together, print them out and place them around the house. Be creative and use washing pins and pin the pictures to your Christmas tree or hang them over the fireplace. This will surely bring up old memories and be a wonderful time of remembrance for family members.

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