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Disadvantages of Not Hiring Mastic Sealant Contractor

Most people think that they can easily DIY the sealing problems in their home. Now sometimes, it successfully works, but when you’re dealing with a big opening and/or fissure in your property, you might want to turn over the task to the professionals.

Below are some of the most common problems that could occur when sealing projects are not done appropriately:

#1. Incorrect joint design and improper choice of sealant

Accurate installation of the compressible foam backer rod or bond-breaker tape is essential in making sure that the sealant won’t adhere to the side areas of the joint. Temperature is also highly crucial when it comes to installing mastic sealant as it shouldn’t be too cool nor too hot, otherwise the width of the joint will not enable the installed amount of sealant to accommodate contraction, as well as expansion.

#2. Decrease or total loss of adhesion

When the substrate is separated from by the sealant; this might seriously be caused by existing coatings or contaminants that inhibits proper adhesion. Also, if mastic sealants are exposed to extended periods of wetting, adhesion can be a problem too. Another cause of poor adhesion might also result from incompatibility of the substrate with the sealant, poor surface preparation, and even incompatibility of old sealant with the new sealant. The compatibility of the substrate and the sealant properties is extremely essential to the efficiency of the sealant itself.

#3. The uncured sealant

Sealants that are uncured is often due to improper and/or incomplete mixing of the sealant components. Aside from that, this may also result from using sealant materials that have outlived their shelf life.

#4. Blistering and bubbling of the surface

These problems may occur by curing at high humidity or high temperatures, as well as at high temperatures, which ultimately affects both the cure, as well as the strength and durability of the sealant.

These are only some of the issues that may take place when you don’t seek the help and skill of mastic sealant contractors. Contact one now and discuss the property issues that you want to resolve.

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