Bespoke Diamonds

How to Determine the Price of Bespoke Diamonds

Luxury has always been something that defines or describes diamond jewellery, but despite their appearance that’s almost constantly munificent, the prices for each stones can differ quite extensively. Each stones will be scrutinized and their prices will greatly depend according to Cut, Colour, Clarity, as well as Carat Weight which will need to be taken into account to fully understand its worthy price.

The most expensive diamond should score highly in all those factors. Especially when it comes to bespoke diamond jewellery as they are handmade to seamlessly suit your style and preference.

#1. Understanding the 4 C’s of Diamond:

The Cut – A diamond’s cut is not the same as its shape. Ultimately, the cut will greatly influence how the diamond sparkles. A diamond stone that’s well-cut will allow light to go through the stone and eventually bounce back to the viewer’s eye to achieve a dazzling effect. For instance, the Round Brilliant diamond can be more expensive than of Marquise or Oval cuts, and is the most popular cut of diamond as well.

  • The Colour – Colour is another important factor in establishing diamond cost. Diamond colours are basically ranked from letters D to Z. The most extraordinary and most expensive rating is D which would be a purely colourless stone. Diamond stones rated with a J begins to exhibit a slight tint, which becomes more notable all the way to the lowest Z rating.
  • The Clarity – A diamond’s clarity relates to the blemishes found within the diamond. Usually, this can only be identifiable and visible through the eyes of a diamond specialist. They use magnifiers so as to assess the diamond stones and look for blemishes or inclusions. The most high-priced and rarest kind of diamonds in the world are nearly flawless.
  • The Carat Weight – The fourth and final factor of determining a diamond’s worth is the carat weight. The heavier it is, the higher the carat will be. You can expect the diamond’s price to exponentially increase along with its carat size. The price of a diamond stone with 1 carat is far higher than the cost of a 0.5ct diamond stone.

What makes the most expensive diamond?

Diamond prices solely depends on the 4 C’s that were mentioned above. Be sure that your bespoke diamond jewellery receives high marks in terms of quality to fairly match its price tag; these information should be clearly outlined in its certification.

There are approximately 14,000 distinct levels used by the diamond industry to rate a diamond ’s quality and price. What may look like a tiny bit of difference in clarity or colour to the untrained eye could dramatically affect the worth of a diamond. The dissimilarity between diamond stones which has D or F colour grade, by way of example, will be nearly indistinguishable to most people, but under the close assessment of a professional, there are certain differences which greatly dictates a diamond value.

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