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Best LED Panel Light Installation Guide

Today most home owners are looking for effective ways of replacing the traditional /old fluorescent luminaries with something latest and cost effective. Led panel lights have become the most common and appropriate replacement due to their extremely and uniform harmonious light environment. Led panels are also powered with low voltage current drivers, which make them energy efficient and safe.

However, led panels are commonly used in hallways, schools and hospitals. This is because they have a super bright light source that provides consistent quality lamp life without UV of IR emission. Here are a few installation measures to help you achieve the high quality of lighting you need.

Depending on your needs, there are several ways of installing the led panel systems. You can choose from the several options and find the one that you think appropriately meets your requirements.

However, before you start on the installation process, it’s recommended that you start by going through the manual to ensure you have an insight about the flat led light panel and how to handle it. Different installation measures include wall mounted, ceiling mounted, spring clips, recessed and suspended. All of these installations modes have different measures and skills to follow.

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Product

Led light panels are delicate and you don’t want to miss the chance of lighting your room with replacement light due to miss calculated handling measures. Before you think of installing the lights, ensure you understand its components and the difference between different panels. All of them are different and require different measures of care for them to serve the purpose better. Therefore, going through the manual saves time and resources.

2. Identify the Place to Mount

Ensure that you have all the details calculated. The source of power and all other requirements before you start mounting your panel. Its better if your spot is a place nearest to the sockets. This way, you will be able to cut down on cable costs and other incurring costs that may be attracted by the wrong mounting position choice. Also, a good spot ensures that the entire room receives equal light portion that is balanced evenly.

3. Have the Right Installation Requirements

You can buy a good set of led panel lights but miss the proper installation kit for your aid in installing and the whole thing goes wrong. Having the right tools gives you the freedom of installing your panel within your convenience. However, you can always reach on the system panel’s professionals who can give you the right order of tools you need for efficient installation.

If you wish to install your led panel in a suspended style, ensure that all the cables are fixed and adjusted so that the led panel is aligned horizontally. For the ceiling mounted, fasten the clip on the installation space, screw the other clip to the panel and ensure to use the right size of screws to keep it firm. Recessed mounting simply allows you to replace the already existing traditional grid lights with the led panel light.

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