Wireless TENS

Benefits of Using A Wireless TENS Unit

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Units are ideal for relieving nerve related pain in any part of your body. TENS devices transmit a low frequency electrical impulse that travels through your skin and reaches nerve endings and stimulates them. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers have started producing Wireless Tens Units that are comparatively easy to carry around wherever you go.

Before we go in details about the benefits of using a TENS unit, we must first understand how a Tens unit works.

TENS devices work on two basic theories:

  • The electrical impulses induced in the nerve cells block the pain signals emitted by these cells. Thus the sensation of pain you have been feeling would be reduced to a large extent as the brain fails to receive these pain signals.
  • Another theory states that TENS unit stimulates the production of endorphins which are our body’s natural pain relief hormones. The increased production of endorphins results in pain relief.

TENS unit fights against pain efficiently

With a number of TES units available in the market, you would want to choose the one that suits your situation best. TES units mainly cures the following pain areas-

  • Your entire back region consisting of the upper, lower and middle portions.
  • Your limbs consisting of thighs feet and buttocks.
  • Your entire torso including, arms, shoulders and neck
  • Any kind of sports injury and arthritis related problems.

TENS units are designed in such a way that their main priority is relieving you of your acute and chronic pains.

Benefits of Using Wireless Tens Unit

The most important factor that a wireless Tens Unit provide over the normal Tens unit is its portability. A normal functioning Tens unit has a number of straps and wires hanging from the main control device which you have to place on the parts of your body that is aching. However for the Wireless Tens Unit, you have a single small device with attached straps that can be applied to your skin and no more tangled up wires!

Tens units are essentially pain relief devices that serves as an alternative to pain killer drugs. TENS unit has been in use for more than 30 years by chiropractors, physical therapists and medical practitioners to cure muscle pain and aches.

Couple of factors to keep in mind while using the Tens Unit

Although Tens Unit provide a completely safe alternative to pain relief than most of the drugs that are being used, it is always advisable to not use Tens unit if you have any kind of electronic device or implants in your body. Also pregnant women should avoid using this device. Always seek doctor’s advice when using TENS unit and stop use at once if the magnitude of pain increases or appearance or various skin irritation occurs.

A TENS Unit provides you with quick results. You can change the intensity of the impulses based on your pain levels and rate your pain to keep track of your progress.

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