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Top 7 Beauty Tricks Every Teen Should Know

Teen years are reserved for learning about beauty and establishing your routine that will follow you throughout your life. Unfortunately, when acne starts to appear on your face, your self-esteem decreases as well as the desire to have the unique beauty routine. Luckily, with proper treatment teen acne can become history. This article will reveal seven cool beauty hacks that every teen should own and teach you how to beat acne effectively.

1.  Skip the foundation

Foundations are usually considered as makeup for women, not teenagers. However, some teenage girls have the uneven skin tone that makes them feel subconscious, and they use foundations to get an even texture. On the other hand, if you have acne, then foundation, probably, shouldn’t be a part of your makeup routine, at least until acne issue is resolved. Applying several coats of foundation on your face will look unnatural; the product will settle into pores and only make acne and blemishes more visible.

2.  Never skip sunscreen

Using sunscreen should be an inevitable part of your beauty routine. When your skin is suffering from sun damage, skin is unprotected and exposed to sun’s harmful UV rays, it is prone to damage. Your skin can develop sunburns, irritations, lose moisture and dry out, and even get skin cancer. On the other hand, sunscreen prevents sun’s UV rays to penetrate deep into your skin’s layers and damage it. Therefore, make sure you always apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before you go out.

3.  Don’t forget about your nails

If you’re not a fan of manicure, it doesn’t mean you should take care of your nails. Short, well-kept, and clean nails are always more sophisticated anyway. To get the posh look, you can apply gentle nail polish (and yes, nail polish looks great on short nails too). As soon as you notice the nail polish starts to chip or fall off, remove it. People like to see a person with nice nails. That person is perceived as organized and elegant while people with bad nails are considered as sloppy and disorganized.

4.  Make your eyes “pop.”

We all want bigger eyes, and one of the simplest ways to do so is to purchase lash curler. You should use it before applying mascara. Moreover, using nude shades of eyeshadow or any other brighter shade will make your eyes seem bigger too. On the other hand, darker eye shadows will make eyes seem smaller.

5.  Don’t rub concealer in

If you want to cover some imperfections on your face, you probably use concealer. However, most girls don’t use it properly, and it only accentuates imperfections they wanted to hide. This happens due to two reasons:

  • You apply concealer before foundation
  • You rub concealer in.

Concealer should be applied after foundation because if you apply it first you will simply remove it with foundation. Also, never rub anything into your skin (not even towel after washing you face). Instead, you should always pat something into it. Here’s how to apply concealer properly:

  • Put a little bit of concealer on finger or pad
  • Pat it in, gently.

6.  Accentuate either lips or eyes, never both

Did you ever see a girl with heavy makeup on eyes and lips and thought she looked fake, overdone, and clownish? Yes, we all did. That’s because that girl made a big mistake, she accentuated both her lips and eyes that led to unnatural look we all want to avoid. Therefore, if you apply dark lipstick, make sure your eyes look natural and vice versa.

7.  Never apply layers of makeup over acne

You might think various wrinkle creams will hide your acne, but the truth is, they will just accentuate them. Your skin, especially if it’s prone to acne breakouts, needs to breathe. Also, to get picture-perfect complexion you need to treat acne, instead of covering them up.

The best way to treat acne is to use products that are made for eliminating your biggest enemy. These products should be highly effective and made by a company that is reputable; after all, you don’t want to make breakouts even worse. That’s why Solvaderm’s Zeroblem is perfect for your problem.

It is an acne treatment serum that is designed to clear up breakouts quickly and intensively without causing irritations on your skin. Here are some benefits of this effective product:

  • Dissolves excessive oils found on the skin’s surface
  • Removes dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities
  • Prevents acne breakouts, blemishes, skin eruptions, etc.

The product can easily fit into your beauty routine. It is advised to apply it twice a day (morning and night) on affected areas after washing your face. With regular usage, you will get clear complexion while redness, inflammations, and acne will be gone.


Beauty hacks from this article promote achieving the perfect look while looking natural at the same time, which is perfect for teen years. Remember, while dealing with acne, it is better to use adequate treatment to eliminate them and stay away from foundations until your skin recovers.

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