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Top 15 Life Changing Beauty Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier


The maintenance of beauty is possible through us of the simple tips. Most people do not however know of these tips. The tips simply enable us to remain attractive. One feels confident if they feel they have used tips that are effective. I believe in the use of these tips in remaining beautiful and attractive even with little or fewer efforts.

1. Use of Vaseline to eliminate or Prevent Messy Manicures

Vaseline helps prevent or keep off messy manicures. Before you continue and polish the nails, a trick of using Vaseline on the nails first is essential. It ensures we get rid of the paint that goes off. Your nails or fingers do not have to look messy. With the Vaseline, we can wipe off the marks of the nail paint that seem off and this aid in keeping our nails attractive and beautiful.

2.  Stain Elimination Using Lemon Juice

Sweat can leave stains on our clothes. Most of us have gotten used or are familiar with the use of bleaches that are expensive in stains elimination. The lemon and lemon juice is a tip we all need to try. Applying juice from the lemon on the stained clothes eliminates or does away with these stains. It is advisable to use lemon juice for elimination to keep our clothes sparkling all the time. As it is cheaper and healthier style and beauty tip unlike using other expensive products.

3. Store or Put the Nail Polish in the Fridge

The fridge helps in cooling the nail polish. It is better to apply the nail polish when it is cool. Storing the nail polish in the fridge helps to prevent bubbling. The polish can thus look nice and good on nails.

4. Use of the Nail Pencil

The nail pencil is better to use than the nail polish. The pencil has the polish dried in no time. The polish may take minutes on the nails before it dries. It is thus good to consider going for or purchasing nail pencils. Nail Pencils also have less of messy work on the nails and fingers. Beauty ticks like this one should be known to us all.

5. Blister Prevention with Use of Gel Deodorant

Blisters alter the beauty of our feet and toes. A trick or tip that can aid doing away with or avoiding blisters on our feet is the use of deodorant gel. Applying the gel on the toes helps us get rid of these blisters that are sometimes painful to the feet. The heel needs the gel treatment too. Our feet can thus remain beautiful with less or no blisters. This beauty trick is also healthy for the feet.

6. Cover the Eyelid with white liner to make your eye shadow pop up

The sheer eye shadow can become colorful if you use this simple tip or trick. Using the pencil, we should run it over the eyelid for better results or you can use top 10 wrinkle creams. The eye shadow then instantly pops out.

7. Aloe Vera for Cooling Sunburns

It is advisable to apply frozen Aloe Vera to prevent sun damage. We get disturbed a lot by sunburns if they are not treated. They make the skin or face unattractive. Some of us do not know of the trick or tip of using Aloe Vera in treatment. We should all attempt the trick when we get sunburns. Aloe Vera is thus an essential or important beauty product.

8.    Use a spoon to Avoid Mascara Marks on the Upper Eyelid

Holding a spoon in a position that is hugging the eyelids helps us reduce or avoid the mascara from getting to the top of the eyelid. While holding the spoon this way, use the mascara normally. It is better to clean off the mascara from the spoon rather than cleaning it from the eyelid top.

9. Make your Lips Pop

A shimmer trick is essential for us to make our lips pop. The use of a highlighter pencil or even cream is effective in this. The products should be used to acquire lips that are pop and attractive

10. Making Lips Look Plump

We start by applying the lip color of choice. Use frosted powder to stamp the lips. This trick makes our lip plumper acquire a look that is variant.

11. Give the Hair a quick Splint Ends Trim

The beauty of the hair is essential. Ensure to trim hair in the house without necessarily going for a haircut that will cost you. Those ends that stick out are not needed. Do away with them. After twisting the hair into a ponytail, we should snip the ends of hair that are stuck out.

12. Add Saline Solution to Flaky Mascara

If the mascara we use dries up in the house, it is a good trick to revive the mascara with the help or use of saline solution drops. Just add a couple of drops of the solution to the mascara as this revives it and is safe for use. We should, however, avoid using mascara three months after the purchase because of the presence of bacteria.

13. Hit Eyelash Curler with Hair Drier to Heat UP

The beauty tip is essential as it ensures that the lashes curl easily. The hot air blown on them makes them able to curl. We can also use the trick in changing the style or pattern the eyelashes take or have. We should all the same be careful and sure to avoid burning or damaging our eyelids.

14. Map Contours of the Face with Gel

The reason or essence of this is that it is easier to blend in and also apply. Use a gel pencil that is bright in color because this makes the look visible and makes us more attractive. The beauty trick is especially for ladies or girls who want to stand out among the rest in groups. It makes you beautiful and attractive.

15. Get Organized

Being organized is a tip for all. Be tidy and let all your beauty products be well kept and organized. Do not mix products or brushes. Being organized is vital as it prevents and avoids any confusion during use of products.


The simple tips and tricks are life-changing if learned and followed. They improve and enhance beauty. It is thus essential that we practice simple steps and tips in beauty.

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