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Improve Your Kitchen with These 5 Steps

In any home, the kitchen is the place most likely to be messy. Of course, all the cooking and food preparation happens there. And while we rarely invite guests to take a peek at our kitchens, that doesn’t mean we should keep it that way and focus ourselves on redecorating the living room, bedroom or dining room.

Some say that food prepared by people with happier moods taste better. And one of the best ways to bring out the happy, inspired feeling to cook is to set the ambience for it. Wouldn’t it be nice to cook in a kitchen which makes you feel more organized? Here are 5 ways to improve your kitchen without spending too much.

#1. Change Lighting

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough windows to let more natural light in, make sure you’ve got the right lighting. The kitchen shouldn’t be overly bright or too dim. Opt for light fixtures which can easily be adjusted depending on your specific needs when preparing food. You may also brighten your kitchen in style by using vintage light fixtures or pendant lamps that you can purchase in surplus stores.

#2. Mix Old And New Items

You don’t need to replace all the old cabinets, plates or other kitchen storages to improve your kitchen. Mixing the old with new items brings out the contrast in the room. For instance, items made out of wood can go well with steel appliances. Likewise, old cabinets can get a new update by replacing the knobs and pulls with modern and decorative ones.

#3. Use Pull-out Shelves And Drawer Organizers

In most cases, the sink and drawers are stuffed with items that aren’t much organized. As such, it’s advisable to get pull-out shelves and drawer organizers to make more room for your kitchen items and keep them in order. Just make sure to group the items according to its use so you won’t have a hard time looking for items that you’d need. You may have a color-coding scheme or add labels to make things easier.

#4. Be Playful With Color Palettes

It’s definitely best to give the kitchen a new look by painting the walls with new colors. But, you don’t have to repaint everything. To add contrast and variety in the room, paint a section or two with rich, bold colors. By doing this, you’d break the dull, boring ambience with a striking color.

#5. Make It Cozy

The kitchen isn’t supposed to look full of utensils, dishes and other items for cooking. Make sure there are enough spaces for them so it wouldn’t be claustrophobic to look at. And since this is your own, personal space for cooking, make it a cozy place by adding pillows, rugs, and show off your decorative collection and other memorable pieces.

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