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What is Importance of Color Scheme in Interior Design?

Color scheme is a language that everybody understands. When it comes to home, your color sense of home interior either makes or breaks the space. It is always a good idea to know the basics of colors.

Either you choose warm color tones like red or yellow or cool tones like blue or green, be very wise with them. Color is a visual language that directly communicates with the people around. Just like, a bedroom should have a relaxing and cozy surroundings where a living room should be exciting enough to welcome guests.

#1. Light vs. Dark colors

For every space in your home, you should choose wall color according to the furniture. The light colors give refreshing and relaxing feel while the dark colors provide an intimacy. Either it’s a master bedroom or the kid area, do not forget to style the walls accordingly.

The colors basically behave in different manners. Many different shades are combined to create a new look according to décor. Black, grey and white are mostly considered in the category of neutral colors.

#2. Be practical

While selecting colors, you need to be practical with every single element. For example; white color is a big NO if you have children at home. It gets smudges and also does not look clean after some time. Either you can choose contrasting colors or the coordinating that depends on your style sense. Different color shades have totally different effects. Choose the one with better and most appropriate shade. Keep it in mind the furniture and other important parts of your home before choosing the shades.

For entrance area, choose a vibrant color like dark orange because it gives a nice, warm and welcoming feel. Color the main door with some funky shade like lemon yellow because it looks rich, soothing and of course, beautiful.

Color has a solid influence on the people and space around. Changing room color changes the whole look of your room. Also it hides the wall defects and instantly changes the interior.

#3. The role of lights on painted walls

The color of a wall is enhanced by the lights. If your home has a source for sunlight to come in, it provides the real concept behind that color. It is worth considering before coloring the walls that how much light will fall at that color. The LED lights have a totally different effect over wall paints whereas the bulbs have different. It is very important to understand how much the natural or artificial lights hit the paint area.

Why you need to change your wall color anytime soon?

Your home is one of your major investments. Purchasing a dream home can be quite expensive but you can redesign your home at much lesser expense. Coloring your home takes effort but if it is done by taking basics into consideration, it can totally change the outlook of your home. Different colors have different impacts. From blue to black, red to orange, blue to yellow, every color has a meaning and concept behind. Use these shades to make your home space beautiful, welcoming and exciting.

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