Plastic Plants

Decorating Home with Plastic Plants: The Do’s And Don’ts

The green color in the home interior really gives a soothing and fresh feel. This color shows how aesthetically you are connected to the colors. Using plants while decorating home makes everyone obsessive to your home décor. There are so much ideas of using plants; at the corners, hanged into some beautiful pots, on the walls, on the center table etc. They adorn your apartment in different ways.

Using real plants is intriguing for a fresh feel but you may forget to water them on daily basis. Also not every plant can be exposed easily to sun rays which makes it pretty difficult to survive. They may lack the real amount of brightness to survive. Once they get dull, there is another job to get them replaced… pretty expensive though!

But there is always an alternate.

The market provides so many beautiful plastic plants which look equally charming and decorative. They provide a look of joy and ethereal beauty. But not every idea goes excellent while using plastic plants. They can look tired or less attractive if not placed properly.

Here are some do’s and dont’s which are worth considering while decorating your home with plastic plants.

What to do when decorating home with plastic plants?

  • Mix a variety of plants. You can find different types of plants in every market so it is not difficult task to look for these.
  • Use branches. You can use them on walls rather than using entire plant because after all a little of greenish color looks great to everyone.
  • Do make use of DIY pots to place the plants. You can also use geometric pots, which again, are easy to find. They look elegant on the dining table as a centerpiece. You can also place them on wall shelves.
  • Do make use of scented oil over these plants. They do not have a fragrance of their own, so put some.
  • Do you want to add a natural touch to these plants? Well, using silk plants is a better alternate. They are no different to that of other plastic plants but they look fresher and real.
  • The plants mostly slip inside the pots so the best way to keep them erect and in style is to use a landscape rock inside the basket or the pot.
  • Use different styles and sizes of the plastic plants. You can mix the variety of different plants like mixing light and dark colored leaves or you can style fern with broad surfaced leaves.
  • Another thing related to the plant décor is the use of artificial grass. Also there are carpets available with artificial grass patterns which look beautiful at the entrance.
  • While using plastic plants or flowers, you get rid of the daily watering duty. They look as natural as the real plants. Do clean them on daily basis so there is no smudge or dirt left over them.

What to avoid while using plastic plants?

  • First of all, do not spread plastic plants everywhere. Overcrowding the space with plants do not look decent at all. Use them at the most appropriate place.
  • There are so many plastic plants or flowers available in the market which look fake and can easily be differentiated. Do not go for cheaper plastic plants. Sticking to budget is a good idea but do not risk on the quality.
  • Using candles in a home décor looks soothing but using them near plastic plants is hazardous. You get no good by doing so, instead you can put your house on fair.
  • Using plastic plants means that you are out of the duty of watering them on daily basis. But that doesn’t mean to stop looking after these plants. They need care as well. Do not forget to spray them with water or talcum spray available in the market.
  • Do not use old stained pot to place them in. The beauty of a plant enhances by the way it is kept.
  • Keep these plants away from the reach of pets or children. They bent easily so do not put them at the contact of sensitive elements.
  • When you feel that a plant is losing its shape, do not wait to exchange it with a newer one before some guest realizing you about the plant’s condition.

Using plastic plants is good, budget-friendly and a cheaper option but that takes too much of care to retain its purpose. These plants bring on the instant green look to your home and helps guests to enjoy the beauty of plants in every season.

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