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10 Home Maintenance Tips That Can Save You Money

Home maintenance is usually considered as the fixing or cracks or the broken wires. But it is not just that. There is more to it.

Most of the people avoid home maintenance as a result of which the damage expands to the roots. Like a car or another vehicle, your home too needs maintenance. The maintenance to keep your home at a perfect condition. The home maintenance is not only about having a home inspection at monthly basis. But there are certain tasks which if carry out properly can save things from going down.

#1. Take care of garbage dumping:

The havoc starts from here. Take care of the place where you collect the regular garbage because this section mostly goes unnoticed.

#2. Clean the grills of air conditioner:

Do not depend upon the service man to come and get done this particular task. Because most of us do not even know how to clean the air conditioner by ourselves. Servicing the air conditioner on monthly basis is a must especially when you are having a continuous usage. Clean down the dust and debris accumulated at its grills and condenser with a brush. That doesn’t take much time and do not require a proper service person to do this.

#3. Self-clean the kitchen area:

That includes the cleaning of fridge (especially), the oven and the cabinets. Cleaning an oven takes a few minutes and can save you from the damage in long run. Also keep a keen sight on the cabins which are not even in use. Your fridge requires the most important cleaning process which includes cleaning the boxes and vacuuming the condenser coils at the back. It needs to be done annually but if not done, it can cause damage to the whole cooling process.

#4. Replace the water filters monthly:

We become super lazy when it comes to cleaning the water filters. It can cause disturbance to hygiene if the water is not filtered or the filters are super embarrassing. It is recommended to replace the water filters on monthly basis so you can get the purest form of water.

#5. Check your water heaters for signs of leakage:

Whether it is a water heater or the room heater, it requires proper maintenance. Check these heaters to get over the signs of rust or heat leakage. May be this is why your heater is not working the way it should. (In case)

#6. Furnace requires maintenance too:

Replace the furnace filters monthly or quarterly, depending upon its working. Ask your furnace manufacture about the precautions and when to replace these filters to rescue your home from any risk.

#7. Look around the garage:

Check your garage on repeat to ensure if it needs any service. Test the door to find out if it has any sort of obstruction while closing or opening it.

#8. The fireplace chimney needs inspection:

Check for the fireplace chimney, clean it annually and do proper inspection.

#9. Inspect the house wiring:

Test the electric outlets in your home on monthly basis. Use the voltage tester. Check for the extension wires and replace the wounded cords.

#10. Polishing your furniture saves you form the front:

That being said: “The outlook of your home hides the cracks inside”.

The home polishing includes wall cleanliness and furniture shinning that looks attractive up front. Polishing the little wounds or cracks can rescue from the larger expansion.

Home maintenance is not a husky task which should be done on monthly basis depending upon various sections. Home maintenance is not restricted to healing up the wounds or assembling the electric cords. Every single task that makes your home look ideal comes under the category of home maintenance. From rugs to wall paints, gutters to wiring, flooring to framing, everything needs to be done properly to keep your house well maintained.

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