Winter Garden

Winter Garden: Flowers, Plants and Decoration

Winter is a difficult time for outdoor plants, being necessary to protect them from inclement weather such as frost, wind or rain.

The garden in winter can be so beautiful in the summer, with an appropriate choice of plants, care, and conditioning according to low temperatures and the in kindnesses of the winter months (rain, wind, snow, frost …). Both the garden plants and the terrace or balcony can be vulnerable to changing temperatures. Therefore, it is important, for example, to cover them at night with a plastic or a special mesh and place the pots in a space sheltered from the currents. Let us see, below, some tips to take care of the garden during the winter and keep the flowers safe from bad weather.

In addition to the cold, the days are shorter, which means that we spend less time in the garden. However, it is an outdoor space that can be fascinating. Thanks to the choice of plants, as well as their decoration, more suitable for this season.

The season of the cold, the frosts and the landscapes covered with snow. During these months, most plants are in winter period: they do not grow, they do not bloom, and they do nothing more than stay alive, which gives the garden and the terrace a sleepy appearance, which, in a certain sense, is true.

Beautiful Plants and Flowers in winter

With the green leaves of the ivy, we can give life to the garden even in winter. However, if you want to give it some color and happiness, we can also choose to plant the strawberry tree. The Cyclamen is also a cold-resistant plant and ideal for adding a touch of elegance to the window frames during the winter months. Violets withstand winter temperatures quite well and can provide an interesting note of color to the gardens and balconies. Space for the periwinkle, an evergreen plant with blue, pink and white flowers. To decorate the garden in winter you cannot miss the poinsettia, also called the hellebore.

A plant that blooms in winter, very resistant even in the coldest months of the year. In addition, a classic, holly, with its red berries, and the heather with its small pink and white flowers. If we have space, we can plant a birch tree.

Furniture and Decoration for the Garden in winter

The garden in winter can be an ideal space to celebrate meals, meetings with friends or enjoy a relaxing time. For this, we can decorate them with types of furniture such as chairs, sofas, and tables. Protected from sheds, tents, umbrellas, and frameworks, and heated by the fireplace. The structures of the roof can be fixed or mobile and made of different materials, but it is essential that they are resistant to water.

As for the furniture, you have to choose materials that do not suffer damage from cold and humidity. Materials such as synthetic wicker, iron or plastic. Space also for decorative elements such as lanterns and chains of lights, as well as houses and bird feeders, among other ideas. We invite you to take a look at the gallery of images with plants suitable for the garden in winter. A lot of ideas to decorate and enjoy this space protected from low temperatures.

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