Why Fire Rated Glazing is Important

Natural light is essential for human beings. It gives humans vitamin D and helps in elevating the mood of the people. That is why many people and architects make space for windows and doors, which can be opened whenever required. It is a way of making human life easier and giving them the ray of sunshine, they need in life.

However, this can be harmful, especially in the case of fire. Any opening can let the fire in from the outside or let the fire inside reach outside in little to no time. For this reason, many fire rating products have come into existence but normally at the expense of natural light. If you do not wish for that to happen to you then you only need to have a fire rated glazing system added to your house.

What is fire rated glazing?

Fire rated glazing is a system in which glass, which is resistant to fire is used to protect a space. Glass generally lets the sunlight into the house and that is the reason why many people like to have it at their places but when it comes to fire, glasses fail miserably. You can choose to have fire resistant shutters installed on the windows and doors instead of a fire rated glazing system but that normally comes with its own expenses. When it comes to installing something new to an already existing thing, shutter might be an option but if you are looking to refurbish the house or making a new house altogether, then having a fire rated glazing system installed will be the much better option.

What are the advantages of getting a fire rated glazing system installed in your house?

 There are many advantages of getting this system installed and some are listed below

  1. They protect against fire: The smoke and fire cannot catch onto the glass and would not be able to hurt you. While a fire protective rated glass would let the heat reach you, but a fire resistive rated glass would not let that happen as well while saving you from the smoke and fire.
  2. Natural light: It will let the natural light in at the right amount and would not give you a caged feel that can come with other types of fire rated systems.
  3. It is cost-effective: It is a two-in-one deal, as you only need to pay for the fire rated glazing system and you automatically get the window glass that you need though, it will come with a sign which will signify the criteria of the glass. This is mandatory for the glass companies as per the law.
  4. Fits properly: It is essentially glass and it can be made to fit in any place you deem fit with the right cut.

What are the Limitations of Fire Rated Glazing System?

  1. There is a limit to the size that will work as a protective measure against fire. So, if you require it to cover a very large space, then this might not be the option for you. These measures have been set based on the test conducted by the professionals and differ as per the criteria of the glass.
  2. There is a limit on the time for which the glass would work. In case, help does not arrive within that time the danger may become severe. This depends on how far the fire is and how intense it is.

A fire rated glazing system can help solve many problems and if you are looking forward to the much-needed protection for your family, employees or possessions, then you should definitely look forward to installing it.

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