Choosing the Right Truck Mounted Crane for Your Project

Construction work involves lifting, transportation and hauling of heavy materials. For which cranes are used and are a great asset for any construction project. But finding the right crane for a particular project can be a complex task as there is a wide range of crane options available including a truck mounted crane. The variety of cranes available is limitless and each is designed depending upon specific use and function.

For example, tower cranes are used to move materials at height and are usually fixed to the ground covered in concrete footings or use the weighted base when concrete footing is not required. Selecting a right crane for a job requires planning beforehand as it is an essential process. It ensures the safety of work site and workers. Choosing the right crane can help in reducing inefficiency as well as cost keeping the project on budget, track, and schedule.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Crane

  • The Weight of the Material and Duration of Work: All types of cranes including truck mounted crane have different functionalities, specifications, and capacities. So before choosing, the first thing is to understand what the requirements of the project are. This will help find the type of crane that meets the requirements and demands of the project. It is always wise to contact a local crane specialist who can provide information about different specs of different cranes. They can help the person by reviewing many load charts and make him understand the crane’s dimensions, capabilities, and strengths. These load charts can help in determining many features such as rated capacity and boom length. Rated capacity can be said as the gross weight that a crane can lift provided at a given distance.
  • Constructions Site’s Conditions: The terrain and condition of the construction site also play a vital role in choosing a crane. Knowing the site’s weather conditions, ground conditions and spatial constraints can provide a great insight to the person about a crane that can help meet the objectives with utmost efficiency. For example, truck mounted a crane is a great option for off-road constructions and small construction jobs.
  • Transportation of Equipment: How the equipment is going to be transported is also a very important factor to consider. Cranes can be classified as mobile, tower, crawler or rough terrain. City permit and state laws are all factors associated with transportation of heavy equipment and cranes.

Types of Cranes

There are various types of cranes like:

Truck Mounted Crane
Truck Mounted Crane
  • Tower Cranes: These are typically used for constructing tall and big buildings. It is a fixed structure, and the stability of this crane comes from being bolted to slabs of concrete which provides a combination of great lifting power and height.
  • Crawler Cranes: These types of cranes are mounted on various movable vehicles usually truck mounted crane. These tracks are specially designed for use in various types of grounds including off roads. These crawler cranes have good counterweight control which allows them to lift heavy loads with ease.
  • Boom Trucks: This type of truck mounted crane is reliable as well as versatile. A hydraulic crane is fitted in this type of crane allowing the person to lift different sized materials and equipment.

Advantages of Truck Mounted Crane

There are many advantages associated with truck mounted crane types, such as:

  • Saves Time and Money: This is one of the greatest advantages of cranes. Cranes mounted on trucks are always ready to go and require no installation which saves users’ time.
  • Can Be Easily Upgraded: Another benefit is if the truck faces a problem then the crane can be easily transferred to another truck. The crane and other components can be moved easily as long as the truck has right stability and weight distribution.

Apart from traditional cranes, these truck mounted cranes are advantageous for any type of construction.

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